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Scope Global commenced as the Support Contractor for the Vanuatu Skills Partnership in October 2017. The Vanuatu Skills Partnership is a dynamic co-investment between the Governments of Australia and Vanuatu for the continued development of the national skills system, in line with Vanuatu 2030 – The People’s Plan.

The Partnership aims to:

  • Improve the quality of local training delivery to better deliver the skills required for inclusive and sustainable private sector growth
  • Facilitate the recognition of these skills within the system and in the region for increased education pathways and labour mobility.

The Partnership is not a ‘stand-alone’ aid program determined by outsiders; it is a locally led reform initiative with a deep respect for Melanesian leadership, culture and values. It works within local structures and supports agents for positive change in Vanuatu. The approach recognises the skills sector can contribute not only to economic outcomes but also to beneficial social and environmental outcomes.

Scope Global’s role is to ensure the Partnership has customised, responsive program management support that is focused on integration into Government of Vanuatu systems. Scope Global is responsible for ensuring the Partnership has all the mechanisms in place to facilitate activities and progress towards end-of-program outcomes in a way that enables flexibility, innovation and experimentation.

Skills training revives traditional craft Vanuatu

Case Study: Skills training revives traditional craft

Victoria  has  been  profoundly  deaf  since  birth  and  has  never  been  to  school  or  participated  in  formal  training.  However,  Victoria’s  mother  passed  on  to  her  a  precious  gift:  her  cultural  skills  and  heritage.  While  she  is  an  exceptional  weaver,  access  to  markets  and  understanding  of  consumer  demand  from  a  remote  village  have  always  been  barriers  to  opportunity  for  Victoria.

In  March  2018  Victoria  joined  an  initiative  that  is  reviving  and  preserving  authentic  traditional  craft,  and  offering  an  approach  that  allows  for  economic  opportunity  while  accommodating  village  life.

Through  the  Australian  Government-funded  Vanuatu  Skills  Partnership  and  as  part  of  the  ‘Skills  for  Handicraft’  workstream,  a  suite  of  integrated  activities  are  delivered  collaboratively  with  the  Vanuatu  Department  of  Industry.

As  well  as  product  design,  the  trainings  are  skilling  artisans  in  business.  Clients  like  Victoria  are  learning  basic  income  and  expenditure  processes,  as  well  as  establishing  pricing  structures  in  the  value  chain.  These  skills  are  essential  for  agency  in  business-to-business  dealings.  Business  skills  coaching  is  challenging  with  low  levels  of  language,  literacy  and  numeracy  –  another  area  that  the  workstream  has  begun  to  address.

Now  with  26  participants  (16  females  and  10  males),  the  Vetimboso  craft  people  have  established  a  Village  Handicraft  Club  that  works  together  every  Friday.  They  each  plan  to  open  individual  bank  accounts  and  commence  formal  business  operations,  supported  by  the  skills  initiative.

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