Sri Lanka Skills for Inclusive Growth

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Skills  for  Inclusive  Growth  is  an  initiative  of  the  Australian  Government  in  partnership  with  the  Sri  Lankan  Ministry  of  Skills  Development  and  Vocational  Training.  The  program  supports  skills  training,  job  creation  and  business  growth  across  the  tourism  sector  in  the eastern  and  north-central  provinces  in  Sri  Lanka.

In  2017–18,  the  program  engaged  with  stakeholders  to  promote  inclusive  growth  across  the  entire  tourism  value  chain  in  the  four  districts  of  Sri  Lanka  that  it  operates  in.

The  program’s  Skills  Development  Fund,  through  which  training  and  other  service  providers  are  contracted  to  deliver  skills  development  activities,  is  a  key  mechanism  and  incentive  for  reform  to  improve  the  quality  of  skills  training  in  Sri  Lanka.

The  program  has  facilitated  the  delivery  of  flexible  and  inclusive  skills  training  for  351  enterprises  and  1370  trainees.  This  training  has  focused  on  tourism  sectors  such  as  accommodation  services,  wellness  and  beauty  therapy,  bakery,  cookery,  tours  and  experiences,  and  cross-cutting  support  to  influence  mindsets  and  encourage  more  participation  in  the  sector.

This  year,  business  coaching  and  workplace  learning  were  introduced  for  tourism  enterprises  in  four  districts.  Workplace  mentoring  was  also  made  available  to  upskill  and  develop  the  workforce  to  ensure  service  standards  are  improved  and  well-performing  staff  are  retained.

Jeyalini Sri Lanka Skills for Inclusive Growth

Case Study: Jeyalini, a role model for young women

Navaradnam Jeyalini is 19 years old from Karadiyanaru, Batticaloa. When Jeyalini’s father left the family six years ago, her mother supported her to gain her basic education. After school, however, Jeyalini was unable to find work and lived with her grandparents.

During a Skills for Inclusive Growth awareness-raising event, Jeyalini expressed her interest in finding employment. Initially, Jeyalini was not interested in hospitality services or management because of the negative social stigma towards women in the industry in Sri Lanka. After receiving further advice, she decided to join a cookery course.

Jeyalini has now finished the course and is undertaking on-the-job training at a hotel in Batticaloa. She is paid during her training and provided with safe accommodation.

“The cookery skill brings brightness in my life and will help to eradicate the poverty from my family’s life,” said Jeyalini. She is inspired to continue to work in the hotel sector and is looking forward to securing ongoing employment and being a role model for other young women in the sector.

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