JobStart Philippines

JobStart Phillipines

JobStart Philippines is an employment facilitation program of the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment that supports local youth to develop their skills and discover their potential. Its key focus is assisting the school-to-work transition for at-risk youth.

JobStart receives support and financing from the Asian Development Bank and Government of Canada, and implementation support from Scope Global.

The program was piloted in four local government units in and around metro-Manila in 2014. Since then, government participation has increased to 35 participating local government units that are assisting youth to find employment by:

  • Improving the labour market information available to youth
  • Providing access to technical and life skills training
  • Providing opportunities for work experience with learning on-the-job
  • Mentoring
  • Providing tools for improving job searches.

Following the national roll-out of the program in 2016-17, high school graduates are securing a job up to three years faster than before the program began.

Case Study: Baking a better life through JobStart

Profile: Joseph Marie Baltar, 24

Joseph lives with his parents and 11 younger siblings on an island off Northern Iloilo. Electricity is a luxury on the island and one day he hopes to buy a small solar panel to make it easier for his siblings to study at night.

As the eldest, Joseph has always helped his parents make ends meet for the family. He sent himself to college, knowing that qualifications can lead to greater opportunities. Joseph studied a Bachelor of Education but in his third year, he had to quit and to earn an income – but he couldn’t find a job.

Through JobStart, Joseph is undergoing technical training at Tibiao Bakery, giving him an opportunity to learn new skills. “The Life Skills Training taught me many practical things like saving, dealing with coworkers, and discipline,” he says.

Joseph enjoys his work and is eager to learn how to operate all the machines in the production facility. He proudly shares that he sends half of his salary back to his family. “I am planning to buy a solar panel so we won’t have to use torches and gas lamps at night.”

“Also, I want to save enough money so I can continue my education and get a diploma, and even become a teacher someday,” he says.

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