Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

Endeavour recipients at Flinders University

Endeavour  Scholarships  and  Fellowships  (now  known  as  the  Endeavour  Leadership  Program  from  1  July  2018)  aims  to  build  enduring  international  networks  and  strengthen  education  and  research  engagement  between  Australia  and  priority  countries. 

It  offers  high-achieving  individuals  from  Australia  and  overseas  the  opportunity  to  develop  their  knowledge  and  expertise,  while  building  connections  between  institutions.

In  2017–18,  696  people  were  successful  in  obtaining  a  scholarship  or  fellowship.  Our  team  supported  recipients  from  60  countries  to  conduct  study  or  research  in  Australia,  and  Australian  recipients  to  pursue  their  programs  in  32  countries.

Scope  Global  has  delivered  the  program  on  behalf  of  the  Australian  Department  of  Education  and  Training  for  more  than  11  years,  providing  expertise  across  all  stages  of  the  program  lifecycle.  This  year  the  team  supported  scholarship  and  fellowship  recipients  to  successfully  complete  their  programs  around  the  world  while  advancing  connections  with  institutions  and  the  program’s  key  stakeholders.

Our  team  worked  with  the  Australian  Government  to  enhance  scholars’  experiences  before  and  during  their  study  periods.  This  included conducting  live  pre-departure  briefings,  and  engaging  recipients  and  alumni  at  nine  networking  events  in  Australian  capital  cities

Scholar profile - Dr Kacie Dickinson

Scholar Profile
Dr Kacie Dickinson: Supporting people to eat a healthier diet

Dr Kacie Dickinson recently returned home after spending six months working with some of the world’s leading nutritionists at the University of Toronto. While conducting research at one of the World Health Organization’s collaborating centres, Kacie learned more about methods that are used to examine the nutritional quality of packaged foods. Through her research, her goal is to prevent chronic disease and better understand how to help people eat a healthier diet.

Kacie’s research explored a range of global priorities and challenges facing the public nutrition community including the nutritional quality of kids’ fast food across companies in different countries, sugar in fruits and food and nutrition databases.

Kacie was mentored by Professor Mary L’Abbe, an expert in the nutrition field. She attended and presented at a range of conferences, and even received an award from the American Heart Association for the highest ranked abstract from Australia!

Kacie co-authored five research articles throughout her time as an Endeavour Leadership Program recipient and has been interviewed and featured on a range of online news sites.

Read Kacie’s thoughts on the health benefits and risks of different types of sugars, courtesy of The Conversation: https://bit.ly/2FNCGCN

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