Australia Awards Papua New Guinea In-Australia Support Services


Australia  Awards  Papua  New  Guinea  provides  long-term  scholarships  for  Papua  New  Guineans  to  study  in  Australia  and  access  ongoing  professional  development  opportunities  through  alumni  networks. 

Scope  Global  is  contracted  by  Coffey  to  manage  the  In-Australia  Support  Services  component  of  the  program.  This  aims  to  increase  the  number  of  awardees  who  achieve  their  qualification  and  graduate  on  schedule,  and  to  ensure  awardees  are  well  prepared  to  achieve  their  reintegration  plans  after  they  return  to  Papua  New  Guinea.

This  year  our  support  team  delivered  half-day  briefings  for  new  awardees  in  major  cities  around  Australia,  and  assisted  in  the  delivery  of  reintegration  workshops  and  pre-departure  training.  Several  on-award  enrichment  activities  were  implemented  in  partnership  with  Coffey,  including  awardee  participation  in  the  Women  of  the  World  Festival,  the  34th  Australia  Papua  New  Guinea  Business  Forum  and  Trade  Expo  and  the  Canberra  Good  Governance  and  Effective  Leadership  Program.

In  response  to  an  emerging  need,  the  team  participated  in  training  in  Mental  Health  First  Aid  to  better  engage  in  mental  health  discussions  with  awardees  and  improve  the  capacity  to  effectively  refer  awardees  to  support  services.

Employee Profile: Clare Muller
Case Manager, Australia Awards Papua New Guinea In-Australia Support Services

I support a caseload of up to 80 awardees from Papua New Guinea to ensure they are best placed to navigate their academic and cultural experience in Australia and successfully complete their Australia Awards study program in accordance with program requirements and scholarship policy.

I mentor awardees through their transition and cultural adjustment and work closely with them to reflect critically on their academic progress, seek help when required, manage their wellbeing and mental health to get the most out of their scholarship experience, and build their leadership capacity.

It is an incredibly rewarding way to contribute to the Australia Awards scholarship initiative. Every day I witness the hard work, commitment and growth of Papua New Guinea’s existing and future leaders on scholarship. I see how enduring ties are built between our two nations and feel confident that Papua New Guinea’s future is in good hands.

Image: Clare Muller with scholars Jerome Oko, Serah Joe and Gima Kilamanu-Naime at the University of Adelaide.

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