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Scope Global CEO Christine Molitor

We are pleased to present the latest edition of Engage. In this special ‘year in review’ edition, we’ve captured some of the highlights, stories and impact Scope Global has made through the diverse programs and initiatives we managed in the 2017–18 financial year.

2017–18 marked a time of significant change and transformation for Scope Global. We unveiled our new three-year Strategic Plan, launched our Disability Inclusion Practice, broadened the portfolio of programs we manage for our clients, and introduced a range of initiatives to continue to grow and strengthen the business, build the capability of our global team and increase our impact.

Scope Global supports Australian Government skills for growth investments in Kiribati, Sri Lanka, Tonga and Vanuatu. These initiatives are now well established and in 2017–18, a focus was on sharing learnings from each initiative and showcasing success. Team members from these programs delivered a high quality panel presentation at the 2018 Australasian Aid Conference and shared their knowledge across programs and the region.

Scope Global’s student mobility programs have continued to strengthen and grow, and we are highly regarded by clients and participants alike for the transformational qualities of these short-term overseas study experiences. These programs are academically rigorous and tailored to the needs of our clients, ranging from physiotherapy students in Vietnam to international relations students in Singapore.

A significant milestone this year was launching our Disability Inclusion Practice, designed with the goal of recognising the expertise of people with disability. The practice will create employment opportunities, reduce barriers to inclusion in Australia and overseas, and contribute ‘lived experience’ inclusion expertise within all of our programs.

This year we continued to forge stronger connections with the South Australian Government. Through new alliances, we are exploring opportunities to contribute to our home state’s social and economic development, and promote South Australia’s international connections and engagement.

After 17 wonderful years, we successfully concluded Scope Global’s contribution to Australian Government volunteer programs in December 2017. This gave us an opportunity to celebrate the success and impact of these initiatives – for volunteers, the communities they worked with, and for everyone who was a part of the journey. It was a privilege to manage these flagship programs in partnership with the Australian Government since 2001.

Scope Global’s people and culture are distinctive aspects of our business, and remain at the forefront of our strategy. We launched two new policies during the year: a paid parental leave policy and a paid domestic leave policy. Developed in collaboration with our employees, these policies aim to support them in their lives and further enhance the flexible working arrangements we offer.

Enhancing people-to-people links is an ongoing focus for Scope Global, and this year we expanded these linkages both within and across programs to support our clients’ broader objectives. A highlight was hosting a networking event at the University of South Australia for more than 100 Australian Government funded scholars, fellows, alumni, South Australian industry and education sector representatives.

It’s a pleasure to provide this snapshot of our work in 2017–18. We hope you enjoy reading how we’re enabling people to positively change their world through our work across the region.


Stephen Baker
Board Chairperson
Christine Molitor
Chief Executive Officer
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