JobStart Philippines

JobStart team member Kristina Quirimit

JobStart Philippines is an employment facilitation program targeting unemployed, at-risk Filipino youth, led by the Government of Philippines Department of Labor and Employment with support and financing from the Asian Development Bank and Government of Canada, and implementation support from Scope Global.

The program equips participants to access labour markets and builds the capacity of the Philippine Government to expand employment services and engage with the private sector. The program also supports implementation of the JobStart Philippines Act, enacted by the Government of Philippines in June 2016.

JobStart Philippines implements an employment facilitation full cycle framework to support Public Employment Services Offices to train young people for employability and match participants with opportunities for internships.

With the Asian Development Bank successfully securing additional funding for JobStart, 2016–17 saw Scope Global support the national rollout and expansion of the program, including the establishment of regional program offices in Mindanao and Visayas.

Meet two JobStart Philippines graduates

Janine Florendo
Receptionist, Systems Variable

I was looking for jobs that I could apply for. But it was difficult and I wasn’t hired immediately. They’d tell me to come back when the schedule was good already.

I knew about JobStart through a job fair. People from the city hall were trying to get me to join because it could help me land a job. I might be lucky, they said.

JobStart helped me in areas where I was lacking. I had to improve my English – they helped me with that. The training program really helped me to boost my confidence and learn how to carry myself around people.

I’ve been here in Systems Variable for 2 years. I’m proud that I have gotten this job. JobStart will help you do things you thought impossible. It will show you what you can do, they will show you ways to get the job you’ve always dreamed of.

Maria Kristina Quirimit (pictured above)
Accounting Department, Systems Variable 

My life before joining the program, well, I am a single mother. I got pregnant when I was 18 years old, but my family has always been there to support me. It’s been really hard for me to cope with the situation but my family, especially my parents, taught me to look at the brighter side and that my baby is a blessing to me. That my baby will serve as my inspiration to have a good life.

At the start it was hard but because of the encouragement and my dedication to have a better future, I succeeded.

I feel very thankful to the JobStart program because it helped me to improve my skills even if I have a hearing impairment. They accepted me and they believed that I could work in the future, just like other people.

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