Bhutan Institutional Strengthening for Skills Development


This Asian Development Bank-financed technical assistance project supported the Royal Government of Bhutan to plan for higher quality, relevant technical and vocational education and training (TVET) throughout Bhutan’s public, private and community sectors. Under the project, Scope Global coordinated international and national experts from a range of disciplines to provide individual yet interconnected technical assistance.

Scope Global successfully completed this short project in September 2016. It was very well received by the Bhutanese Ministry of Labor and Human Resources and was successful in achieving the two key project outputs:

  1. Developing a blueprint for TVET
  2. Planning and piloting professional development measures to improve the quality and relevance of TVET.

The following program outcomes were also achieved: providing professional development training to 50 counsellors and job placement officers, finalising a communication and advocacy strategy to promote TVET, and completing and publishing a financial assessment of TVET.

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